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The immatriculation could be a vehicle (truck, car, camper, bike etc.) registration. the main points of a vehicle's registration area unit carried within the Certificatd'immatriculation (certificate of registration, antecedently called the bill grise, grey card).


The certificatd'immatriculation (carte grise) or registration document identifies:

•             the vehicle number

•             the owner of the vehicle

•             details of the vehicle (make, model, year of manufacture, horsepower, engine and chassis numbers)

•             its compliance with European technical standards


The certificatd'immatriculation is restricted to the vehicle and its owner. oncea automobile is bought or sold , the new possession should be registered among one month of the transfer and a replacement certificatd'immatriculationwill be issued to the new owner. work is handled by the Prefecture or Sous-Prefecture and in some cases, by the native mairie.


The certificatd'immatriculation ought to be automobileried within the car in the least times. It are often asked throughout a police check or at a customs border management.


A foreign registered automobile foreign to France can got to undergo a orthodox method before being eligible for registration and a certificatd'immatriculation.


•             See: mercantilism a automobile to France

•             The French government web site Service Public provides comprehensive info on thecertificatd'immatriculation (in French only): Click here


Vehicle Registration System (SIV)


France adopted a replacement, nationwide vehicle registration system in 2009. this is often the Systèmed'Immatriculation des Véhicules (SIV). The term "Carte Grise" now not applies; the registration document is currently referred to as the certificatd'immatriculation.

How it works


•             The vehicle is issued with a number at the primary purpose of registration. This remains with the automobile till it's destroyed or exported, despite its location of registration in France

•             An owner needn't amendment the registration of a vehicle bought in a very completely different département

•             An owner needn't amendment the registration if they move département, though they're needed to report a amendment of address. A sticker are sent by post that should be placed within the registration document (there isn't any charge)


A vehicle owner World Health Organization doesn't amendment address nor sell/buy a automobile needn't amendment the vehicle registration plates of their vehicles throughout 2009. In fact, at this stage no point in time has been set for the new registration system to be enforced on all vehicles.


Regional vehicle taxes stay unchanged.


•             For full details: Click here (in French)



50cc motorbikes area unit enclosed within the system and new mopeds area unit issued with the SIV range.

Classic and collectors' cars


In order to safeguard the integrity of a classic automobile, the white on black range plate is also used, however should (if dynamic  hands) show the new SIV range. any changes area unit returning into result concerning registration and possession of classic cars, as well as necessities for obligatory road checks (contrôle technique).


•             Further info from the FédérationFrançaise des Véhiculesd'Époques, FFVE : Click here (in French)

The registration plates


The plates have seven characteristic letters and numbers in black on a white background. The format is: 2 letters - 3 numbers - 2 letters.


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